Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery in Naples, FL

Cervical disc replacement

New technology allows some patients with deterioration of cervical intervertebral discs to undergo a motion sparing operation and avoid fusion.  Cervical disc replacement devices mimic the normal range of motion of the body’s normal intervertebral discs.  By allowing for more natural motion of the spine they reduce stress on neighboring discs to minimize the likelihood of further disc deterioration.  Once healed, patient’s do not have any restrictions on their levels of activity.

Cervical artificial disc replacement (CADR), also known as cervical disc arthroplasty, relieves neck and arm pain by giving compressed spinal nerves the room they need to receive normal blood flow and function normally. Furthermore, cervical artificial disc replacement improves biomechanics in the cervical spine, reducing neck pain and soreness. 

Artificial Discs vs. Spinal Fusion

Artificial disc replacement and spinal fusion both address symptoms due to nerve root and spinal cord compression and inflammation. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) permanently eliminates this problem by fusing adjacent vertebrae. This relief comes at a cost, which is some permanent loss of motion.

CADR, on the other hand, replaces the damaged disc with a mobile artificial device so that there is no permanent loss of motion. Cervical artificial disc replacement has additional benefits as well, such as:

Am I a Candidate for CADR?

Cervical radiculopathy (persistent arm and/or neck pain) is the primary indication for a surgical procedure, be it disc replacement or spinal fusion. Pain, numbness, and weakness often radiate down the arm. Symptoms of spinal cord compression include impaired muscle coordination, leg weakness, and gait instability.

MRI or CT scan confirms the presence of cervical disc disease and identifies the specific problem areas and x-rays confirm normal alignment and disc motion. This information will inform your doctor of what surgical and non-surgical treatment options are right for you.

What Happens During Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement?

The procedure to replace a damaged disc typically takes less than an hour.

While the patient is asleep under general anesthesia, the surgeon makes a small incision in the neck. After dissection to the front of the cervical spine they remove the damaged disc and any abnormal bone spurs which may compress the nerve roots or spinal cord. The surgeon then places an artificial disc in the newly created space under x-ray guidance.

What Are Some Disc Replacement Recovery Issues?

Discomfort at the incision site, trouble speaking, and difficulty swallowing are quite common following disc replacement procedures. A mild analgesic usually addresses neck discomfort. The other effects are usually mild and short lived. Most patients go home the same day, but patients with certain medical conditions may need to be observed for one night.

Some possible complications after surgery include voice changes, implant loosening, and other problems which could happen in any procedure, such as infection and bleeding.

Most people resume light activities, like walking, driving, and perhaps even working, a week after the procedure. Many patients undergoing cervical disc replacement do not require physical therapy after their procedure.


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