Perioperative Program


Many patients experience anxiety in anticipation of their surgery day while others are curious about aspects of the recovery process. To help you better prepare for surgery and the recovery period afterward we offer a preoperative education session with our Occupational Therapist, Bailey. The purpose of this appointment is to assess your baseline level of function, provide information to help you better prepare for surgery, and offer strategies to help you best participate in your postoperative recovery. 

After surgery and prior to your first follow-up appointment in the office, a member of Dr. Ditty’s team will contact you via telephone to answer questions and address any concerns you may have during this time. If you have immediate questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 239-337-2003.  

Each patient’s active participation throughout the perioperative timeline is essential for successful recovery following spine surgery. We are here to assist in developing a plan to optimize overcoming potential barriers and maximize your surgical outcomes. 

Most patients will schedule an appointment for their preoperative education session when they schedule their surgery with Dr. Ditty. If this appointment was not yet arranged and you are interested in receiving more education and information prior to your surgery please reach out to us at 239-337-2003

Every time I come to the office all of the staff is so friendly and pleasant. I recently had a spinal fusion performed by Dr. Ditty who is very professional and great at what he does. When I first went to his office I was in a wheelchair and could barely walk. Dr. Ditty did a wonderful job on my back. Im able to stand upright and walk without the assistance of a cane or shopping cart, I have since regained sensation in my feet, and the excruciating pain in my legs is gone. I had gone to many neurosurgeons to fix my back and they said ,my case was to complicated. When I met Dr. Ditty he had no doubts about the surgery. He did such an amazing job. I would highly recommend Dr. Ditty for anyone with back problems.

Rosalind K.

October 2021

I was overwhelmed by Dr. Ditty’s caring attitude and knowledgeable presentation of what had to be done to fix the issue I was having. I really believe Dr. Ditty is the right neurosurgeon for me.

Janis A.

June 2021

Dr Ditty was a God send. I've been putting off neck surgery for years. But after getting to the point where I was heading towards permanent nerve damage I was referred to Dr Henn by my orthopedic doctor at Joint Implant Surgeons. Dr Henn referred me to Dr Ditty and I had my surgery at Physicians Hospital in Naples. Dr Ditty kept me overnight as my surgery ended up to be more complicated than expected. Lucky for me Dr Ditty is a complicated spinal injury specialist! I recovered amazingly much better than I thought!! Thank you Dr Ditty and his wonderful staff!

Cynthia Z.

July 2021

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Why Our Patients Love Us


Dr. Ditty was very professional And took time to listen to my medical history and I actually learned something about my condition that no doctor in 20 years mentioned.. I can recommend him highly. - Carole

It is easy to tell Dr. Ditty truly listens to your concerns. He also answers all questions completely. I would 100% recommend him to friends. - Ken A.