Preparing For Your Surgery

Once Dr. Ditty identifies that you would benefit from surgery there are a few steps to complete prior to surgery day. While our staff will guide you through these steps we strongly recommend keeping an active checklist of responsibilities and prerequisites that need to be completed.

Pre-op Testing and Procedures

The majority of patients will be required to attend a pre-operative appointment at the hospital which may include routine bloodwork. This appointment is typically scheduled two to four weeks prior to your surgery. 

Some patients will require further surgical clearance from specialty physicians (cardiology, vascular surgery, etc.) prior to their surgery day. 

Many patients need to obtain additional imaging before being cleared for surgery. This imagining often helps Dr. Ditty to identify any additional areas of concern that could alter his treatment plan. Your imaging will be thoroughly reviewed by Dr. Ditty and his team, and a team member will reach out to you to discuss results and your custom-tailored surgical plan prior to surgery. 

Our staff will assist in coordinating these pre-operative appointments.


Before surgery it may be necessary to stop taking specific medications such as blood thinners or certain types of pain medication. If you have questions regarding your specific medication please contact our office prior to surgery.

Admission Process

You will be notified of your surgery start time and your arrival time the day prior to your scheduled surgery. Please arrive on time as the admission process for surgery may involve several stages. 

After Surgery

After surgery, patients typically spend some time in the recovery room where their vital signs are closely monitored to ensure there are no changes in the heart rhythm, blood pressure, or breathing as they awaken from anesthesia. Some patients go home the same day of surgery while others need to spend additional time in the hospital as they begin the recovery process. 

Remember to schedule any necessary post-operative checkups, fill all prescriptions, and change wound dressings as instructed when you return home. Please contact our office if you have any questions during your recovery time. 

Request Information or an Appointment

If you have questions regarding preoperative preparation, admission, or recovery, we’re here for you. Our team will help you approach your surgery and recovery with confidence and hope. Reach out to us at (239) 337-2003 to receive detailed information, schedule an informative appointment, or discuss your options today. 

Professional, personable and very knowledgeable. Dr. Ditty was very concerned that the patient was comfortable with the proposed treatment, and very thorough fully explained the procedure and expected outcomes.

Alexis C.

Very professional, courteous and informative. A caring doctor who listens to you and makes sure you understand the assessment of his plan. Talks to you in terms you will understand without talking down to you. Dr. Ditty made sure both my wife and I understood the intricacies of the procedure and took the time to answer all our concerns. Explained recovery time, what to expect and how long.

Robert T.

It is easy to tell Dr. Ditty truly listens to your concerns. He also answers all questions completely. I would 100% recommend him to friends.

Ken A.

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Dr. Ditty was very professional And took time to listen to my medical history and I actually learned something about my condition that no doctor in 20 years mentioned.. I can recommend him highly. - Carole

It is easy to tell Dr. Ditty truly listens to your concerns. He also answers all questions completely. I would 100% recommend him to friends. - Ken A.