Posterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion Surgery in Naples, FL

Posterior Cervical Fusion

Posterior cervical decompression and fusion is a procedure that is used to remove pressure from the spinal cord by removing the lamina, the roof of the spinal canal, and joining the vertebrae together in a fixed position.  Fixation is achieved with titanium screws and rods.

Surgeons perform PCDF to treat a wide array of conditions, including cervical myelopathy and/or radiculopathy, spinal instability, cervical stenosis, spinal cord compression, and some spinal tumors.

Is PCDF Right for Me?

Posterior cervical decompression and fusion is most commonly utilized to remove pressure from the spinal cord in patients with normal cervical curvature who have compression from the back of the spinal cord or where decompression at the level of the intervertebral discs alone would be inadequate.

What Happens During Posterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion?

During surgery the patient is face-down with their head fixated to the operating table to prevent spinal cord injury.  Oftentimes some hair must be removed from the upper neck. The incision is made in the midline in the back of the neck.

After exposing the spine screws are placed at the designated levels on both sides of the spine. Bone overlying the spinal canal is removed, directly decompressing the spinal cord and nerve roots.  Rods are inserted to connect the screws and fixate the spine in the appropriate position, and then bone graft consisting of the patient’s own lamina and cadaver bone is placed on the vertebrae to promote fusion.

PCDF recovery is typically longer than ACDF surgery but is well tolerated by most patients.


Most patients achieve full recovery in two to three months, but patients with more extensive surgery may not feel their best until six months after surgery.   We encourage patients to sleep with the neck supported in a neutral position.  Most patients do not require cervical collars for support after surgery.


Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ditty to discuss your surgical options. Dr. Ditty and his team will guide you through the steps you need to take for pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical recovery, including nonsurgical lifestyle changes to prevent further pain or complications.

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Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Ditty. Compassionate, skilled, professional. This is my third spinal fusion and he was the best.

Roger S.

March 2021

Professional, personable and very knowledgeable. Dr. Ditty was very concerned that the patient was comfortable with the proposed treatment, and very thorough fully explained the procedure and expected outcomes.

Alexis C.

Every time I come to the office all of the staff is so friendly and pleasant. I recently had a spinal fusion performed by Dr. Ditty who is very professional and great at what he does. When I first went to his office I was in a wheelchair and could barely walk. Dr. Ditty did a wonderful job on my back. Im able to stand upright and walk without the assistance of a cane or shopping cart, I have since regained sensation in my feet, and the excruciating pain in my legs is gone. I had gone to many neurosurgeons to fix my back and they said ,my case was to complicated. When I met Dr. Ditty he had no doubts about the surgery. He did such an amazing job. I would highly recommend Dr. Ditty for anyone with back problems.

Rosalind K.

October 2021