How To Prepare for Spine Surgery

Preparing to undergo spine surgery can be scary. You may have questions or anxiety about the unknown regarding your surgery. You can trust our team of spine care experts to treat you with the utmost attention. Dr. Ditty and his staff are committed to ensuring you get the surgery you need at the highest level of care.

How To Prepare for Spine Surgery

Educating yourself goes a long way in preparing for spine surgery and ensuring a smooth recovery process. The specifics will depend on your surgery, but here are some general things everyone can do to prepare for back surgery.

How To Get Ready for Preoperative Testing

Your care team will ensure you complete the proper preoperative testing prior to your surgery. Be prepared that you may undergo additional testing and/or medical clearance in preparation for the most comprehensive care and safest surgery possible. You should have your medical history, current medications, conditions you might have, and questions you have about the surgery for the staff member to review.

How To Get Your Home Ready for Recovery

You must have a safe and manageable space for home recovery. Create an environment where all the items you need will be within reach. Prepare some meals that are easy to make. Most importantly, make sure there will be someone there to help you. 

How To Mentally Prepare for Back Surgery

It can be scary going into any surgery. Having all the information you need about your surgery and care can be helpful to you mentally. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Develop methods to calm yourself before going in for post-op.

Exercises Before Spinal Fusion Surgery

Your doctor will normally let you know whether or not there are any exercises before spinal surgery that you can be doing. Generally, it’s best only to do what your body can handle. Don’t put any unnecessary stress on your body, especially your back.

After Your Surgery

Once you have finished your surgery, your doctor might want you to stay a few nights at the hospital for observation to ensure you get off to a good start in the recovery process.  

Complete healing for most back surgeries, especially spinal fusions, can take several months. Your doctor may also provide additional exercises and lifestyle changes to help you recover once you’re home. 

Experience in Excellent Care

At BJD at the Spine Center, we understand that back and spinal surgery can be stressful, especially when you’re in pain. Our team of experienced doctors and staff is ready to help you.

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